Yogattractive – a beautiful face with the help of our spiky balls

Face and neck massage can give them a lift you will notice straight away. It can drain excess lymph to free you from eye-bags, give you a glow and -I’m not exaggerating! – stimulate collagen production in your dermis to increase smoothness.

Your hands can work miracles: slap, tap, rub to create vibrations and lift the sagging oval muscles.

You can use clever accessories too. Mind, I am not talking about those massage devices that produce electrical currents, radio waves and artificial vibrations. The tissues detect unnatural stimulation as a threat-hence the short-lived tightening effect we like so much. In the long term it may prove far less beneficial.

Let us concentrate on the good, safe, mechanical stimulation. I am talking about the super-hero spiky balls. Who tried massaging their face with them knows how addictive it is. It is a good addiction. It is a proprietary Yogattractive massage, unique to our sessions: traditional and Skype ones.

Spiky balls do it all:

  • they stimulates great number of acupressure points on your face and the rest of your body benefits too
  • they release muscular tensions giving your face a rested appearance
  • they stimulate blood and lymph circulation
  • they persuade the fibroblasts in your dermis that they need to keep on their collagen production – no slacking!
  • they give your capillaries a much-needed workout- goodbye spider veins…

And all this requires 10 minutes of your time and hardly any special skill…